Maid of Ace is an “all sister punk band from south-coast dirty Hastings UK!” formed in 2005. They are Alison Cara Elliott (vocals/guitar), Anna Coral Elliott (guitar/vocals), Abby Charlotte Elliott (drums), and Amy Catherine Elliott (bass/vocals). Maid of Ace is highly recommended for fans of The Distillers, Civet, The UVs, etc.

Selected discography:

Maid of Ace (2014). 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “Bone Deth”, “Dirty Girl”. Other good cuts: “Horror Show”, “Rules & Regulations”,  “Enemy Within”, “Cannibal”, “Nothin’ On Me”, “Dickhead”, “Spittin’ Blood”, “Sick Of You”, “Daisy”.

Made In England (2016). 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “Made In England”, “Stay Away”. Other good cuts: “Hollywood Rain”, “Monster”, “Boring”, “Greed”, “For You”, “Fight”,  “Disaster of Noise”, “Minimum Wage”. The rest: “Disaster of Noise (Live)”, “Hollywood Rain (Live)”.

Selected videos:

Artist links: website/Facebook/Bandcamp/YouTube

My thoughts… Maid of A.C.E. Get it? Their initials are all A.C.E.! I didn’t get it until I started this post. I think Bad-ACE’s would’ve been a cool name, too! Anyway, Maid of Ace carries the torch for L.A.’s The Distillers for a new generation with, on their latest album, the street punk attitude of England’s own Brassick and In Evil Hour. My heart just explodes when I listen to Alison Cara spitting out rage with her Brody Dalle-esque snarl over Maid of Ace‘s melodic punk noise!

I was at the bookstore the other night with my daughter and her friends and, while I was perusing the music magazines, I found a blurb on Maid of Ace‘s latest album that began: “Taking influence from the likes of Distillers and Hole…” I was sold, so I snapped a photo (here) on my phone so I could remember to look them up when I got home. I would’ve just bought the magazine but it was a UK publication and they’re expensive here in the US! Anyway, I was not disappointed!

Coincidentally, I stumbled on the UK’s Maid of Ace on the very same day that I found Australia’s Red Light Riot. If you love one, you will love the other!

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