Red Light Riot is a punk rock/hard rock band from Melbourne, Australia, formed in 2013. They are Kris Killriot (vocals), Nina von Johannsohn (guitar), Ed Jones (lead guitar), Nick Ivkovic (bass), and Brett Parrish (drums). Red Light Riot sounds like L7, Black Flag, Fugazi, Patti Smith, Wendy O, Hole, At The Drive In, and Iggy and the Stooges.

Selected discography:

High Society (2014). EP. 3 tracks. Choice cut: “Demented”. Other great cuts: “In the Ghetto”, “Pharmaceutical Bond”.

Note: The video for “Demented” was made by filmmaker Daniel Armstrong.

In Shadows (2016). Single. 2 tracks. Choice cuts: “In Shadows”, “Burn the Axis”.

The Remains (2017). EP. 4 tracks. Choice cuts: “All That Remains”, “We All Die Young”. Other great cuts: “Don’t Go”, “Coming Up Roses”.

Selected videos:

Artist links: Facebook/Bandcamp/YouTube

My thoughts… Red Light Riot is loud, aggressive and insanely melodic – like Hole or The UVs – and Kris Killriot’s vocals are raw and angry – like Hole‘s Courtney Love. The Hole/Love comparison is most obvious in “We All Die Young” [from The Remains EP] in which Red Light Riot wears that particular influence proudly on their sleeves. I love that song and I f***ing love this band! More please!!

If you love Red Light Riot, you’ll love Maid of Ace, too!

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