Zeik’s Bad Day (2010) is a short zombie film directed and edited by Ryan Shovey for Freak Daddy Productions [Creepy/Cool Pictures] in association with Dirty Martini Productions, 3 Star Entertainment and Valencia Motion Pictures. Written by Ryan Shovey & Laura Sica. Starring Ross Alagna, Kimberly Saracino, and Kyle James.

Zeik is on a mission to win over the girl of his dreams after encountering a really bad day, bullies, and the zombie apocalypse.

Not rated. 27:20 run time.

Zeik’s Bad Day was originally made as a 3-part web series. Watch it here: Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, and Episode 3 – Fixed Credits.

My thoughts… Zeik’s Bad Day is a zombie love story similar to the feature film My Boyfriend’s Back (1993). I didn’t like My Boyfriend’s Back but I do, in fact, like Zeik’s Bad Day. “So you’ll be at my party?” Alaina (Kimberly Saracino) wonders, after assuring Zeik (Ross Alagna) with a kiss that she wants him at her 21st birthday party. “Nothing could keep me away,” he tells her, stopping in the street where he’s suddenly he’s hit by a car. But, not even death could keep Zeik away from Alaina. It’s kind of sweet. I love it. Oh, and the retro-’80s pop/rock song that plays over the opening credits is called “You Make a Bad Day OK” by Kayla J. Clark who plays Jan in the movie.

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