Zombies and Cigarettes (2009) is a short zombie film directed by Rafa Martinez and Iñaki San Román for Carpe Diem Producciones. Written by Iñaki San Román. Starring Aroa Gimeno, Samuel Viyuela, Javier Rios, and Paco Hidalgo.

Zombies invade a mall and the hero Xavi tries to impress the girl he likes, defeat the zombies, and stay alive.

Not rated. 17:36 run time. Spanish language w/English subtitles.

Watch the film on YouTube (here).

My thoughts… Zombies and Cigarettes is like a 90-minute feature that’s been condensed down to a 17 minute short film by taking out the boring parts! However, it’s so good – I think I want to see the boring parts, too! Maybe this film would have a Hollywood ending if it were a feature film? Poor Xavi!