Cheerleader vs. Punk Showdown (2015) is a make-up tutorial video disguised as a short teen film made for The Estée Lauder Companies’ i love makeup. YouTube channel. Featuring Nikki Limo and DangMattSmith.

Cheerleaders and punks can have their differences… but at least they both have excellent taste in makeup. Watch as the drama unfolds!

Not rated. 4:54 run time.

My thoughts… Forget the makeup tutorial – this is just a fun short teen film! It’s well-acted and funny! Oh, and all of the girls – both punks and cheerleaders – are adorable! The real truth is that I love the dynamic of the punk rock girl and the cheerleader. I’ve mentioned numerous times that I write “screenplays” for my own enjoyment and I use that dynamic quite often. In my recent epic “Love and Zombies”, a lesbian zombie comedy, Dani Vaughn, a socially-outcasted punk rocker, must rescue her crush Ashley Brooks,  the most popular cheerleader, who is trapped in the girls’ rest room on the other side of the school amidst a zombie apocalypse. I don’t claim to have any super original ideas but there’s more to my story than just what it sounds like. Anyway, I love this short video even though it needs less makeup, more fun drama – and possibly more zombies!

Oh, and who is the punk with the short hair? She is the most adorable of all! If her hair were jet black, I’d probably be stuck in (fantasy) love with her forever!