The Lil Trucker Zombie Short Film (2015) is a short zombie film shot & produced by Philadelphia video production company Spirit Animal to promote a Kickstarter campaign for the Lil Trucker™ multi-tool [aka the Off Grid Survival Axe] made by Innovation Factory. The film features actress Maria Shapley.

Not rated. 6:01 run time.

My thoughts… So, wait, there’s some kind of tool featured in this film? Kidding. The Lil Trucker Zombie Short Film is AWESOME and Maria Shapley is SEXY and BADASS! This promotional film is as good as Boost Mobile Australia’s “STAY LIVING” ad campaign from 2013 (here). But the question is… does this “kickass film” make me want to buy their “kickass product”? No, it doesn’t. But I don’t need a multi-tool like that. However, if it helps them make another short zombie film like this one, then I’ll buy it! Oh, I think Maria Shapley is perfect for a Wonder Woman fan film!