Tao of the Dead (2011) is a short zombie/action film by Ed Hunter (director/editor) and Dan Van Heeswyk (camera/effects) with Pete Whiteley (script) for Cheap Ass Films [based in Hull, East Yorkshire]. Starring Cathy Fisher as “Candy Jones” and Jo Young (Voice Over).

Not rated. 13:03 run time.

My thoughts… “Zombies! Guns! Girls! (But clever…)” Tao of the Dead is a bit too artsy at times but nonetheless delivers a sexy bad-ass heroine and a healthy dose of zombie-killing action! Awesome! Rockapella66 says, in the comments: “Zombies aren’t blue. Why do people keep making them blue?” How does he know that? Zombies aren’t real! I have a friend who believes that fast-running zombies [like those popularized in Zack Snyder’s 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake] can’t possibly exist. He can accept, in that movie, that the dead have returned to life but can’t accept that they’re quick and agile. It doesn’t make sense. Zombies aren’t real. They can be whatever your imagination wants them to be. They can be fast, slow, blue, green, or whatever. Anyway, Tao of the Dead fits all the criteria of my blog, so enjoy!