Killer Kart (2012) is a short horror/comedy film written & directed by James Feeney for FSU College of Motion Picture Arts. Starring Christine Rodriguez, Ray Bouchard, Britt Gordon, and Elly Schaefer. Killer Kart was a 2012 Screamfest Official Selection.

The shopping cart. Four wheels, one basket, and tonight, for the closing crew of a small-town grocery store, a blood-splattered aluminum nightmare!


An evil grows, hiding in plain sight. We never give it a second thought, as it carries our groceries and holds our children. Just four wheels and a basket, but forged of aluminum in the fires of hell. Fueled by years of pain and neglect, tonight, it will strike, and the closing crew of a small-town grocery store will be thrust into the fight of their lives against the monstrous devastation of… The Killer Kart!

Not rated. 14:48 run time.

Watch the film on Vimeo (here) or on the FSU YouTube channel (here). Watch the trailer on the FSU YouTube channel (here).

My thoughts… Killer Kart is an AWESOME short film that delivers suspense, horror, gore, screams, and plenty of campy good fun! It’s like Jaws – with more shopping carts! Well, maybe it’s more like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes but with better production values, better writing, better acting and… more shopping carts! I LOVE this film! However, I imagine the ending with Cass looking up after Hale’s warning and finding herself facing by a small horde of killer carts rolling slowly toward her instead of the chaos in the parking lot. Oh, and Christine Rodriguez is adorable! So is Elly Schaefer – in black jeans and Converse no less!