Hellskate (2016) is “an upcoming Roller Derby Horror film created by retired derby grrrl/filmmaker Sahna Foley aka Miss Disco Bliss” for Wild Chimera Entertainment. Story by Sahna Foley and Rachel Jensen. Screenplay by Carl Joglar and Denise Brossman.

On Halloween night in a small town, when three roller derby stars become the target of demonic possession, their friends try to save them, and the town, from the wrath of a cursed land.

Hellskate was intended to be financed in 2015 via an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign. To help promote the movie, the filmmakers were planning to create a prequel comic book, Hellskate: Descent, with writer Carl Joglar and illustrator Chris Bodily (aka Hatrobot). However, the campaign raised only 14% of its flexible goal. I am unsure of the status of this film’s production or the comic book.

Watch the concept teaser [1:01 run time] here …

Watch a pair of behind-the-scenes videos (here/here).

Film links: website/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/Indiegogo

My thoughts… Hellskate – the movie and the prequel comic book – looks pretty cool! Once again, if I had known about this film’s Indiegogo campaign, I would have contributed. I sure hope this roller derby girls vs demons film will still get made. However, Hellskate looks awfully similar to the AWESOME Aussie no-budget roller derby horror film MurderDrome. But, there’s always room for more bad-ass roller derby girls battling supernatural evil as far as I’m concerned!