Spirit Squad: Crime-Fighting Cheerleaders (2012-14) is/was “girl-power super-hero movie” written & directed by Thom Rockwell for Rockwell Digital Motion Pictures. Starring Shay Williamson as “Monica Flynn”, Mary Etuk as “Foxy Delicious”, Flo Donelli as “Christina Rodriguez”, Mercedes Hargrave as “Holly Ryder”

When five high school cheerleaders discover that they have gained super-powers, they commit to give back to the community by using their new found abilities by becoming cheerleader super-heroes. The Spirit Squad girls take down one drug dealer after another until they finally come up against the ruthless drug kingpin of the city himself – Big Daddy. Matters are made worse for the Spirit Squad girls when Big Daddy creates his own team of super cheerleaders – the Vicious Vixens. How will the Spirit Squad defeat the Vicious Vixens and save the city from certain death???

Spirit Squad: Crime-Fighting Cheerleaders was intended to be financed in 2014 via crowd-funding campaigns. However, those campaigns were unsuccessful and the film was never made. The Indiegogo campaign raised only 3% of its flexible goal. Bastards.

Watch the proof of concept trailer [3:04 run time] here …

Watch the proof of concept trailer on Vimeo (here). Watch the Kickstarter campaign video on YouTube (here) and the Indiegogo campaign trailer on YouTube (here) and Vimeo (here).

Film links: website/Facebook/YouTube/Indiegogo

My thoughts… Spirit Trash is “a grindhouse style super-hero movie about crime-fighting cheerleaders.” Writer/director Thom Rockwell goes on to say “since it’s 70s style grindhouse action – think Charlie’s Angels and Wonder Woman meet The A-Team.” Yeah, all that! The existing proof of concept trailer is delightfully sexy, authentically retro and awesomely fun! I love the Spirit Squad’s climactic showdown with the zombie-esque goth/punk Vicious Vixens! If I had known about the crowd-funding campaigns back in 2014, I would’ve contributed and I would’ve watched the hell out of Spirit Squad!

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