Scared (2012) is a short suspense/thriller film directed by Darryl O’Donovan for The Moirae Films. Written by Erline & Darryl O’Donovan. Story by Erline O’Donovan. Starring Charity Wakefield, Frances Millar and Endaf Eynon Davies.

An empty warehouse. Two young women have kidnapped a guy. One is clearly having more fun than the other. As the pair wait for the right time to call in, the situation gets out of hand. What ensues is a dangerous power play between the two women that could easily escalate with dramatic consequences.

Three people. One room. No winner.

Not rated. 11:15 run time.

My thoughts… I don’t really know what’s going on in Scared but it’s very well acted and both of those girls are adorable. Well, Tara (Frances Millar) is sexy in a bad girl kind of way while Abby (Charity Wakefield) is cute as a damn button!