The Choice (2013) is a short suspense/thriller film directed by Harrison J. Bahe for Navaho Joe Films. Written by Harrison J. Bahe & Shanae Styles. Starring RJ Serra, Mauricio Gonzales and Shanae Styles.

A man must make a choice between the love of his life and untold riches.


Not rated. 5:20 run time.

My thoughts… The Choice is another good film from Harrison J. Bahe featuring the very lovely Shanae Styles [see also Blooming]. However, Mr. Crawford is a dumbass. Why would he think that Domenic wouldn’t choose to shoot him given that choice? I have no doubt that I would choose to shoot the unarmed dumbass asking me to kill my girlfriend for ten million dollars – especially if I didn’t know my girlfriend is a cold-hearted bitch. Well, Carrie is a bitch, not Shanae.