Catwoman: Retribution (2017) is an upcoming Catwoman fan film written and directed by Anthony L. Fletcher for ABM Digifilms. Starring Mae Claire as “Selina Kyle / Catwoman”, Eric Melaragni as “Roman Sionis / Black Mask”, Mazie Wolf as “Holly Robinson”, Tyler Cohen as “Bruce Wayne / Batman”, Mike Sutton as “James Gordon”, Lauren Lavera as “Ms. Lynn”, Gina Lerario as “Det. Renee Montoya”.

Double crossed and left for dead, Catwoman returns seeking revenge and defending her beloved East End from the notorious Black Mask.

Watch the teaser trailer here …

The short film will debut in the fall of 2017. The official full-length trailer will arrive in the summer.

Watch the film on Vimeo (here).

ABM Digifilms links: website/Facebook/Vimeo/YouTube

My thoughts… Finally! Catwoman gets a little (more) respect in fan filmdom! I’m very excited to see Catwoman: Retribution in the fall as well as the short film’s full trailer in the summer! Does it matter that the actress playing Selina Kyle/Catwoman is Asian? No. I’m not a comic book traditionalist. Well, I’m not a staunch traditionalist. I think Selina Kyle should have short dark hair. That’s it. Mae Claire meets that specification. Oh, and Selina Kyle should be sexy. Mae Claire is that, too. I also think that Catwoman should wear a full cowl and tinted goggles. Mae Claire’s Catwoman meets that specification for me as well. Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman [in The Dark Knight Rises (2012)] did not. Her Catwoman didn’t even have short hair. And it wasn’t dark enough. The look of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman is a big fail for me. However, I really liked African American actress Sharon Ann as Catwoman in Imagination Upgraded’s Harley Quinn – Web Series (here)! Anyway, I’m looking forward to Catwoman: Retribution. I just hope it’s not too short!

If you want to see what else Mae Claire can do, check out Elektra v Psylocke (here).