Elektra v Psylocke (2016) is a short Marvel fan film written and directed by and starring Mae Claire (“Elektra”) and Stephanie Pham (“Psylocke) for Art School Dropouts. Choreography by Joey Min.

Elektra is given an assignment by the ancient order of the Hand to assassinate Xavier. On the way to her mission, she is stopped by Psylocke. With Elektra’s martial prowess and Psylocke’s mutant abilities, the two assassins brawl to the end. Who will win?

Not rated. 3:42 run time.

My thoughts… My excitement for Mae Claire as Gotham’s feline fatale in the upcoming fan film Catwoman: Retribution led me to this cool fan film with Mae Claire as Marvel’s assassin Elektra. Sure, Elektra is of Greek descent and Mae Claire is not but so what – just watch and enjoy!

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