The Running Dead (2012) [aka Spawn of the Dead] is a short zombie film written & directed by Lucky Cha for Formless Films. Starring Samantha Marie Novak.

Not rated. 6:33 run time.

My thoughts… The Running Dead [or Spawn of the Dead according to the the film’s end credit] is an obvious homage to George Romero’s 1968 zombie classic Night of the Living Dead except with fast-running zombies instead of lumbering zombies. It’s what Night might’ve looked like if James Gunn had re-made that film in 2004 instead of its sequel Dawn of the Dead. I like it. And I really like Samantha Marie Novak. She’s sexy. Watch her in Lucky Cha’s The Dead Walking EP.1: Black Magic (2013) [aka Fear of the Walking Dead – Part 1] (here).

Some YouTube viewers, it seems, don’t like her. But, I do.