Therapiezentrum [trans. “Therapy Center”] is a German rock band from Osnabrück. Lower Saxony, formed in 2007. They are Gianna Niemeyer (vocals), Matze Lohmöller (guitar), Florian Breiner (bass), and Toby Jones (drums). Therapiezentrum is highly recommended for fans of German rock bands like Silbermond, Luxuslärm, Wir sind Helden, Juli, etc.

Selected discography:

Bei Risiken und Nebenwirkungen (2010). 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “Ich verzichte”, “Hass mich”, “Hallo Hoffnung”. Other awesome cuts: “Reiz”, “Regenfeeling”, “Blase im Schaum”, “Ausgenutzt”, “Orientierungslos”, “Kein Liebeslied”. Other good cuts: “Völlig Willenlos”, “Mach die Augen auf”, “Nahezu perfekt”. Awesome bonus cut: “Ich will hier raus (feat. JFK)”.

Herz.Rythmus.Störung (2014). 12 tracks. Choice cuts: “Kein Versprechen”, “Duell”, “Wir sagen kein Wort”. Other awesome cuts: “Allein”, “Was ist es wert?”, “Tanz im Teufelskreis”, “Du bleibst”. Other good cuts: “Vollrausch”, “Wir machen uns kaputt”, “Tanzen”, “Ein Jahr geht zu Ende”. The rest: “Kein Versprechen (radio edit)”.

Barfuss (2015). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Barfuss”, “1000 mal so stark”, “Wir stehen im Regen”. Other awesome cuts: “Sophie”, “Nimm mich mit”, “Ich bin so traurig”, “Unser Märchen”, “Sieben Meter”. Other good cuts: “Letzte Nacht”, “Sternenstaub”.

“Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein?” (2017). First single from Therapiezentrum‘s upcoming 4th album.

Selected videos:

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C’mon, just give Therapiezentrum a chance. What’ve you got to lose?

My thoughts… Therapiezentrum is yet another one of those female-fronted German rock bands that I love so much that follow in the wake of Silbermond. Therapiezentrum, like Silbermond, Luxuslärm and others, play a blend of pop, rock, hard rock, alternative rock, and even a little bit of punk. I don’t know much German – except what I learned from watching Hogan’s Heroes as a child – but I don’t need to speak the language to love Therapiezentrum‘s addictive hooks and Gianna Niemeyer’s melodic tones. Most of my friends rarely give international rock bands who sing in their native tongues a chance but they’re missing out on a lot of awesome music! So, just watch the videos above and you just might hear something you like and, if not, well you’ll have, at least, had the pleasure of watching a very beautiful German girl singing her heart out behind a wall of energetic rock music! You can’t lose. My favorite Therapiezentrum song, by the way, is “Allein” (from Herz.Rythmus.Störung) whose title translates as “Alone”. I love that song but it doesn’t have a video! Listen to “Allein” (here). The “Ooh-ooh-ooh” chorus might make it easier to embrace if you can’t get past Gianna’s German vocals. “Sophie” (from Barfuss) is another favorite! Listen (here).