The Everyday Anthem is an alternative pop/rock band from Atlanta, GA. They are Nick Peña (vocals), Alex Peebles (rhythm guitar, vocals), Alex Crain (lead guitarist, vocals), Vivian Zingleman (bass), and Aaron Sanders (drums). The Everyday Anthem is highly recommended for fans of 5 Seconds of Summer, Fall Out Boy, As It Is, All Time Low, etc.

Selected discography:

Nobodies (2017). 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “Stage Dives & Pick Slides”, “Just Another Stranger”. Other AWESOME cuts: “Three Years”, “Sam and Dean”, “Always Been You”, “Atlanta”, “Do You Even Hear Yourself? (feat. Maggie Schneider)”, “Awake”, “Take Two”, “Wish You Well”. The rest: “Worse for Wear”.

Selected videos:

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Dave Grohl once said…

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures. If you fucking like something, like it. That’s what’s wrong with our generation: that residual punk rock guilt, like, “You’re not supposed to like that. That’s not fucking cool.” Don’t fucking think it’s not cool to like Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” It is cool to like Britney Spears’ “Toxic”! Why the fuck not? Fuck you! That’s who I am, goddamn it! That whole guilty pleasure thing is full of fucking shit.


I’m always looking out for bands that my 14-year-old daughter Gaby will appreciate. I recently posted about the Australian alternative rock band The Beautiful Monument and Gaby ended up liking them but it was unexpected. I knew she’d like them but I didn’t think she’d like them enough to ask me to put some of their songs on her phone. This week, I found The Everyday Anthem, a fresh new quintet from Atlanta, GA. I decided to check them out because there’s an adorable girl in the band as seen on the cover of their recently self-released debut album Nobodies. She’s not the band’s singer. She plays bass guitar, but that’s good enough for me and this blog.

The Everyday Anthem sounds mostly like Australia’s pop/rock mega-sensation 5 Seconds of Summer – whom Gaby loves – mixed with a little bit of Fall Out Boy – whom Gaby likes. In fact, singer Nick Peña sounds a lot like Patrick Stump in his high and low tones. And, “Just Another Stranger” kind of sounds like a lost Fall Out Boy song. The only difference is fewer words in the title. Now, you might think I’m dissing The Everyday Anthem by calling them derivative but I’m not. I like bands that wear their influences proudly on their sleeves if I like those influences as well. It’s not like 5SOS invented their catchy pop/punk sound. They just happened to hit the right chords at the right time. And, they did it with the help of Benji and Joel Madden whose band Good Charlotte is one of their most obvious influences.

The Everyday Anthem‘s debut album Nobodies took me by surprise – kind of like Cimorelli‘s album Up All Night did. My initial thought, after listening to the album once, was: “Gaby is gonna love this band!” However, she was at school. So I kept listening and, soon, I was hooked on The Everyday Anthem‘s insanely addictive pop/rock music and anthemic hooks! Nobodies is packed with more energy and much tighter melodies than both of 5SOS‘s studio albums put together! In addition, Nick Peña delivers more passion in his vocals than Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood or Ashton Irwin ever did on those two albums!

Oh, and Vivian Zingleman is not only adorable but she’s an awesome bassist as well! Watch out, Emma Anzai!

Apologies to any 5SOS fans who might be reading this. Gaby still loves 5SOS but, now, she loves The Everyday Anthem, too. I like 5SOS. I’m a sucker for pop/punk but 5SOS is far more poppy than punk, while The Everyday Anthem is just a little bit punkier, even edgier, mostly because they self-produced Nobodies. However, the members of 5SOS have good taste in music: Good Charlotte, My Chemical Romance, Nirvana, Green Day, etc. The Everyday Anthem adds Blink-182 to that list. Nick Peña sings in “Stage Dives & Pick Slides”

I remember when I couldn’t play, couldn’t sing / Just a kid who was locked inside his room screaming “all the small things”

Peña also gives a shout out to the TV series Supernatural in “Sam and Dean”

So put that black dress on, I’m sure you’re quite the sight / Instead of watching Supernatural almost every night / Won’t you come downstairs, let me take you there (Sam and Dean aren’t going anywhere)

Then the song explodes into its insanely catchy hook as Peña urges his friend to “learn to let go sometimes!” Those two songs, along with “Three Years”, are my favorite of the album’s upbeat tracks. Oh, and “Just Another Stranger”. And “Atlanta”. And the mid-tempo ballad “Take Two”. Oh, and I love the end of “Wish You Well” where Peña repeats into crescendo:

So I guess this is the last song / So I guess this is the last song / So I guess this is the last song / About me and you

I wish he would have continued that even longer like Dave Grohl snarling “Why’d you have to go and let this die!” over and over in Foo Fighters“Let It Die”.

Gaby’s favorite song is the heartbreaking acoustic ballad “Always Been You”. The song’s about a girl who’s, well, gone. I love his memories of her:

Girl who danced around with just my T-shirt on / Off-key, but doesn’t matter, it’s her favorite song

Yeah, I know that some other girl looked “so perfect standing there” in someone’s “American Apparel underwear”. But, that girl, presumably, is still alive. Peña adds in reflection:

I’ll see you somewhere after all of this is gone / But if there’s one thing I do / It’s hope that you knew / It’s always been you

“Awake” is another heartbreaking ballad. It’s a song about a man overcoming post-dramatic stress disorder. I think. Gaby loves that one, too. “Do You Even Hear Yourself?” is the final of three ballads. That one is a duet, about love in decline, that features up-and-coming solo pop/punker Maggie Schneider. I downloaded her album, too, but I can’t give it a fair listen until this Everyday Anthem thing runs its course. I really like this picture (here) of the lovely young rocker. Kudos to her photographer.

My least favorite song on Nobodies is “Worse for Wear”. It’s not that I don’t like it. I do like it. It’s just that it’s the poppiest track on the album. It just doesn’t fit with the rest of the songs, so I put it at the end of my playlist.

So, The Everyday Anthem‘s debut album Nobodies is my favorite album of the year (this week)! I love this album and I’m not ashamed to say so even though I am so not part of this band’s target audience. However, my daughter Gaby is and she loves Nobodies, too! If The Everyday Anthem ever makes their way up to Cleveland for a show, Gaby and I are gonna have an awesome father-daughter night out!

I think I’ve started a wave of teen girl fandom here in Cleveland! Gaby’s been sharing The Everyday Anthem with her friends at school and, one by one, they’re all falling for this new fresh band’s energetic sound, relatable lyrics and inescapable hooks. Hey Nick, Vivian, Alex, Alex, and Aaron – you’re welcome.