Police Story: Girl Force (2016) is an Australian short action/comedy film written & directed by Maria Tran. Starring Maria Tran, Sharon Zhang, Charlye Leung, Jack Ngu, Craig Anderson, Daniel Iria, and Andrew HK Dinh. Director of Photography: Adrian Castro. Action Director/Fight Choreography: Trung Ly.

Not rated. 5:59 run time.

My thoughts… Maria Tran is “an Australian-born Vietnamese actress, martial artist, producer and director.” She is particularly good at making ’80s Hong Kong-inspired action comedies that blend the comic martial arts of Jackie Chan films and the stylish gunplay of John Woo films. Her short film Hit Girls is one of her best but Police Story: Girl Force is a close second! I’d love to see more of these two super competitive police women fighting as they inadvertently teleport themselves into various sticky situations!

Watch Maria Tran’s action fight reel here …