Heavy Tiger is an all-female rock trio from Stockholm, Sweden. They are Maja Linn (guitar & vocals), Sara Frendin (bass & backing vocals) and Astrid Carsbring (drums & backing vocals). The girls were 17 when Heavy Tiger was formed in 2010.

Some say The Runaways in their heydays, but think KISS meets Thin Lizzy delivered by The Clash and you would probably be closer.

Selected discography:

Saigon Kiss (2014). 9 tracks. Choice cuts: “Saigon Kiss”, “Girls Got Balls”. Other good cuts: “Chinatown”, “Mover”, “Robber of Love”, “Little Sister”, “7 Days Fool”, “Alive”, “Talk of the Town”.

Glitter (2017). 11 tracks. Choice cuts: “I Go For the Cheap Ones”, “Devil May Care”. Other AWESOME cuts: “Star Shaped Badge and Gun Shy”, “Feline Feeling”, “Shake Me”, “No Tears In Tokyo”, “Jemma”, “The Only Way Is Up”. Other good cuts: “Keeper of the Flame”, “Catwalking on a Dogday Afternoon”, “Downer and a Sunny Day”.

Selected videos:

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My thoughts… Heavy Tiger is the reincarnation of The Runaways for a whole new generation! They channel the ghost of that iconic all-female band like no other I’ve heard to date! In fact, I think Sweden may have acquired the DNA of Joan Jett, Lita Ford and Sandy West back in the late ’70s when the band toured that country. Then, 25 years ago, they started to incubate clones from embryos creating “the girls from Stockholm” who were raised on the music of The Runaways, as well as KISS, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, and The Clash! The latter band’s influence, by the way, is subtly apparent in the Mick Jones-esque song “Star Shaped Badge and Gun Shy” (from Glitter). Sure, Heavy Tiger‘s sound and look – check out those jumpsuits (with Converse!) – is retro ’70s but their straight-up rock ‘n’ roll is still firmly rooted in the here and now! Above all else, they write awesome songs! But, forget the jumpsuits, girls – stick with jeans, like in this energetic live performance here …