Petrol Girls is a “feminist post-hardcore” band from Graz, Austria/ Bristol, UK. They are Ren Aldridge (vocals), Liepa Kuraitė (bass), Joe York (guitar), and Zock (drums). The band takes its name from Pétroleuses who “were, according to popular rumours at the time, female supporters of the Paris Commune, accused of burning down much of Paris during the last days of the Commune in May 1871.” Pétroleuses used Molotov cocktails made from milk bottles.

Selected discography:

Petrol Girls (2014). EP. 3 tracks. Choice cut: “Restless”. Other good cuts: “System”, “Disgrace”.

Some Thing (2016). EP. 3 tracks. Choice cut: “Slug”. Other awesome cuts: “Protagonist”, “Separated”.

Talk of Violence (2016). 10 tracks. Choice cuts: “Touch Me Again”, “Restless”, “Phallocentric”. Other awesome cuts: “Harpy”, “False Peace”, “Fang”, “Deflate”. Other good cuts: “Treading Water”, “Clay”, “Rewild”.

Selected videos:

Artist links: Facebook/Bandcamp/VEVO

Sexism and assault

My thoughts… Petrol Girls‘ frontwoman Ren Aldridge is one angry woman. She throws out Molotov cocktails of combustible feminist rage over her band’s melodic post-hardcore noise in order to “disturb the false peace.” Petrol Girls are the pétroleuses of the 21st century. And they are not a myth. Ren targets her explosive fury at sexual assault on “Touch Me Again” (from Talk of Violence) as she declares: “Its my body and my choice / It’s my body / My fucking choice!” She wants “progress toward accountability” but that may, in fact, be the myth, so she ends the song by warning over and over: “Touch me again and I will fucking kill you!!” Powerful. Watch the band’s callout for fan video submissions for “Touch Me Again” (here).

Oh, and I love the video for “Restless”! I am definitely going to win my family’s annual pumpkin carving contest this Halloween!