Dream State is an alt-rock/post-hardcore band from South Wales, UK, formed in late 2014. They are Charlotte-Jayne Gilpin (vocals), Aled Rhys Evans (guitar), Sam Harrison-Little (guitar/vocals), Danny Rayer (bass), and Jamie Lee (drums). Highly recommended for fans of Chasing Cadence, Vacant Home, Parting Gift, Our Past Days, Set the Score, Stateside, etc.

Selected discography:

Consequences (2015). EP. 5 tracks. Choice cuts: “Burn Them Down”, “Rebuild, Recreate”. Other awesome cuts: “Burden”, “Relentless”, “Try Again”.

“White Lies” (2017). Single.

Selected videos:

Artist links: website/Facebook/YouTube/Bandcamp

My thoughts… Dream State‘s melodic post-hardcore rises above that of similar unsigned bands because of Charlotte-Jayne Gilpin’s awesome vocals. With her raspy screams, she sometimes sounds like she’s channeling the ghost of Janis Joplin. My throat hurts after listening to her! She has one of the best voices in this genre, for sure, but she is just too damn adorable to have such a throaty wail! Dream State, on their debut EP Consequences, sounds more like a major-label band than an up-and-coming indie outfit – Consequences is a nearly perfect album filled with amazing vocals, driving rhythms and memorable hooks. The EP, coupled with the band’s excellent new single “White Lies”, leaves me in anticipation for a full-length album! Dream State has also re-invigorated my appreciation of post-hardcore! In fact, all of the bands that I recommended above are bands that I found in Dream State‘s wake. You can find other similar bands at Dreambound. However, I would also highly recommend Dream State for fans of Bring Me The Horizon‘s album That’s the Spirit – a favorite of mine and my daughter’s! Dream State deserves to be, at least, as well-known as BMTH!