How to Seduce Earth Women (2015) is a short sc-fi/romance/comedy film directed by Preston Yarger for Half Dead Horse Pictures [HDH Pictures]. Written by James Willis. Starring Danielle Moore, Christian Lovetere, Andrew Carlisi, Peter Lobato, and Stephen Cunningham.

A young man must compete for the love of a woman… With an extra-terrestrial.


Not rated. 5:26 run time.

My thoughts… Danielle Moore herself suggested this film. Well, at least I think it was her. She said in a comment that, since I liked some of her other films, I would like How To Seduce Earth Women, too. Well, she was right. I like it. It’s a cute little film. And, of course, Danielle looks amazing. She even looks great with make-up smeared eyes! Ooh, let’s listen to “Make-Up Smeared Eyes” by Automatic Loveletter (here)!

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