“Green Line Killer” is another track from SEE‘s debut EP Ties (2016). See also “Potions” (here). The video was directed by Frank Dale Arroyo (@fda333) [who also directed the “Potions” video] and stars Dallas Cozine (@treble__) [who also starred in the “Potions” video] and Angela Carbone (@labellacarbone).

My thoughts…I love these video collaborations between singer/songwriter SEE and filmmaker Frank Dale Arroyo! This one features two adorable lesbian lovers on a camping trip who are terrorized by a pink monster. The monster itself is pure camp but the video is played totally straight [no irony intended] and even a little bit dark – when the pink turns red. If there’s a deeper message to be found in the “Green Line Killer” video, well, I can’t find it. However, I’m not that smart, so I’ll take cute lesbians and campy horror! What more do you need?

The song is good, too. I’m hoping SEE and Frank Dale Arroyo do a video for “Closed Eyes Open” next. But, “She Cries” is still my favorite song from the EP. My daughter Gaby loves that song, too. So, let’s watch a video of an live acoustic performance of that song here …

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