LEAV/E/ARTH is an alternative rock band from Cleveland, OH. They are Leah Stenger (vocals), David Lewis (guitar), Benji Blum (guitar), Luke Baumgardner (bass), and Jared Kapalin (drums). LEAV/E/ARTH is highly recommended for fans of alternative rock artists like Evanescence, Lacey Sturm [ex-Flyleaf], The Beautiful Monument, Finding Kate, Faces of March, and Cleveland’s own UnSaid Fate.

LEAV/E/ARTH was previously known as Visionaries. Their sound under that name was more reminiscent of bands like Paramore, Tonight Alive, etc.

Selected discography (LEAV/E/ARTH):

A Perfect Disarray (2017). InVogue Records. 13 tracks. Choice cuts: “The Other Side”, “The End”. Other AWESOME cuts: “Memory”, “Fractions”, “Someone Else’s Hands”, “Here and Now”, “Too Far Gone”, “Chicago”. Other good cuts: “Someday”, “Coming Back”, “One Sided”, “Wildfire”, “The Other Side (Piano Version)”.

Selected videos (LEAV/E/ARTH):

Selected discography (Visionaries):

Visionaries (2014). EP. 5 tracks. Choice cuts: “Lighthouse”, “Daydreamer”. Other good cuts: “Limitless”, “Closed Curtains”, “Kindling Wood”.

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My thoughts… OK, I’ll say it again, I’ve lived in Cleveland, OH, my entire life but I’ve never really embraced the city’s local rock music scene – except for female-fronted alt-rockers UnSaid Fate. However, I think UnSaid Fate has some competition now with LEAV/E/ARTH! The band signed to OH’s own InVogue Records and released their debut album, A Perfect Disarray, on April 7, 2017. A Perfect Disarray, which Leah Stenger says is all “about coming back from disconnection”, is a perfect connection of moody alt-rock and haunting emotion. The latter is delivered by the powerful and impassioned vocals of Leah Stenger. Her voice is amazing! I love when she hits those raspy scream-like tones, accentuating the conviction she feels in her words – especially in moodier songs like “Fractions” or “The End”. I can’t believe that such an awesome band was hiding here on the North Coast! Some people are comparing LEAV/E/ARTH to PVRIS but I don’t get that at all. I love PVRIS but they play post-hardcore with electropop influences, while LEAV/E/ARTH plays emotive alternative rock. Evanescence or Finding Kate is a much better comparison. Oh, and you will notice that the alternative rock sound of LEAV/E/ARTH is a big leap away from the pop/punk sound of their previous incarnation Visionaries. Maturity, particularly in Leah Stenger’s voice, certainly suits LEAV/E/ARTH.

A Perfect Disarray is my favorite album of the year (this week) and LEAV/E/ARTH is my new hope for Cleveland’s alternative rock music scene!