Bounty (2017) is a short action film directed, shot and edited by Joris Reynaud for RollerSteady. Starring Erica Manni as the “Fugitive” and Rivera Reese as the “Bounty Hunter”. Choreography by Leo Giannopoulos. Music by Corvyx.

Not rated. 2:52 run time.

My thoughts… Forget this film’s shortcomings – like how can the fugitive run so fast in those shoes especially on grass or how did the fugitive and the bounty hunter get so far away from the fugitive’s suburban home so quickly? Forget all that and just enjoy these two bad-ass beauties going at each other! The fight choreography – when the girls finally stop running – is awesome! I love those stylish knife tricks! However, I was rooting for the bounty hunter (Rivera Reese)! I love her punk look! She needs to be in her own action film as this character! More Rivera Reese please!