I created my first blog Rock Chicks Rule, dedicated to female rockers, in March 2013. However, by mid-year, I had grown tired of just posting about a single topic, so I created the first incarnation of this blog, dedicated to bad-ass females of action and horror films, earlier in that year. However, I tapped out after only 5 posts. Then, in November 2013, I created My Heart Explodes which was “the center of the Universe for everything that I love and obsess over!” I loved being able to share all my favorite movies, musicians, comics, etc, with anyone who cared. However, I’m not that good of a writer. Or, more precisely, a reviewer. I’ve always known this but, lately, as I’ve been reading other bloggers’ reviews, I’m realizing, more and more, how really bad I am! However, I still love sharing all the things I love, so I re-invented this blog to do that without trying to say too much! It’ll be like my own WordPress version of Pintrest. I’m going to simplify a lot of the posts from my other two blogs just to get them into a more organized format, but I’ll be adding a whole lot of new stuff, too! The point is just to let these things I love speak for themselves. However, I will add a brief opinion in each post as well.

Basically, this blog is for me. Friends, new and old, always ask me what movies I watch, or what music I listen to, or what comics I read, and I can’t always remember all the great stuff I’ve enjoyed! So, now, I just point them here!

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