Phantom Rabbit Hitman (2010-13) is an action/comedy web series created by Jon Fitzpatrick and Tyler McCoy. Directed by John Fitzpatrick. Written by Jon Fitzpatrick and Tyler McCoy. Starring Jon Moore, Jeff Matson and Regina Rice. With Todd S. Davis as “The Bearded Man” and Cerina Vincent as “The Doctor”.

Not your average web series. Phantom Rabbit Hitman is weird, dark, funny and has a heart. What?! Watch the violent assassin rabbit, pain in the ass roommate, evolve into a hero and a best friend. The series starts small and becomes epic. Give it a chance and let it suck you in.

The web series was inspired by Jon Fitzpatrick and Tyler McCoy’s 2009 short film Lagomorph: The Destructor. Their “tale of Bunny revenge” was a spoof of the Tom Cruise film Collateral (2004). Watch the original short film here …

Watch the “fully legal director’s cut” (here).

Phantom Rabbit Hitman. Season 1. Not rated. The episodes are:

  • Ep1 “Wanted Roommate” (2010) [3:53]. “A gun-toting Rabbit moves in when Jeff and Jon, desperate for money, post an ad for a roommate.”
  • Ep2 “Black Ops” (2010) [4:07]. “The plot takes an unexpected turn and Jeff and Jon follow The Phantom Rabbit on one of his clandestine missions.”
  • Ep3 “Mercy Kill” (2010) [3:50]. “The Phantom Rabbit brings his work home… in the trunk of the Prelude.”
  • Ep4 “The Last Great Paintball War” (2010) [4:45]. “After finding his electric razor jammed full of bunny fuzz, Jon challenges the Phantom Rabbit to paintball.”
  • Ep5 “Vision Boards are Gay” (2010) [4:40]. “The Rabbit decides to help Jeff with something unexpected…”
  • Ep6 “The Prisoner” (2011) [5:52]. “The Rabbit gets his next assignment. Sally is MIA, meanwhile Jeff and Jon contemplate how to help their assassin roommate with a potential closet eating issue.”
  • Ep7 “Surprise Party Shootout” (2011) [7:09]. “Jeff and Jon decide to plan a surprise party for The Rabbit with unexpected results, and we discover there is more to the Rabbit’s old boss than we bargained for.”
  • Ep8 “The Getaway” (2012) [6:15]. “Jeff and Jon search for “the one who got away” after the night’s shootout. Meanwhile the Bunny faces an unexpected find when he goes to recover the kidnapped Sally.”
  • Ep9 “The Stand” (2012) [6:30]. “The Bunny has a falling out with Jeff and Jon when they discover he’s been hiding what actually happened to Sally. Jeff asks the Rabbit to help save her, but with the Rabbit go it alone this time?”
  • Ep10 “Junk in the Trunk” (2013) [5:17]. “Jeff and Jon try to rescue Sally.”
  • Ep11&12 “La Grande Finale” (2013) [14:33]. “Bunny still has a few surprises when Jeff and Jon botch a rescue operation. Guest starring the incredible Cerina Vincent!”

My thoughts… What the fuck? Translation: Awesome! I love this crazy idea of a hitman in a bunny costume and this weird web series is great! Oh, and actress Regina Rice is adorable!!