Holdout (2012) is a New Zealand “zombie-comedy-action-drama” short film written & directed by Calvin Sang. Starring Reuben Bray as “Taylor”, Jeremy Tant as “Ric”, and Philippa Stephens as “Lisa”.

Not rated. 17:42 run time.

Watch the trailer (here).

My thoughts… “Made with a budget of around $100, between school and during holidays.” Well, Holdout is a pretty good zom-com considering its very limited budget. Let me tell you why I like this film apart from the charmingly good ameteur acting. First, I think Rick’s girlfriend Steph (Indira Force) is a beautiful zombie! Why did he have to kill her? Second, “that’s what she said” jokes are always funny even amidst a zombie apocalypse! Finally, I love that punky music that plays over the opening credits! Oh, and Philippa Stephens is quite adorable, too!